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We’ve packed The Bird Mom with lots of helpful tips, tricks and information to help you along your backyard birding journey. Read our three simple steps below to get a great start with us.


Our website is a virtual toolbox of resources for backyard birders. Our blog highlights Lindy’s hands-on knowledge as well as her insights and observations about the world of birds. Check out our must-haves page for honest reviews on products we rigorously test and use in the field. Then head on over to our robust resources page that is filled with the latest top recommendations for books, apps, birding organizations, events and more!


Tune in to our popular YouTube channel to watch Lindy in action as she demonstrates the latest backyard birding products she loves and uses herself! Learn about the do’s and don’ts of birding, how-to projects that anyone can accomplish, and smart, sustainable ways to build a better world for our backyard birds.


Lindy’s favorite phrase that you’ll hear her say often is; “If I Can Do It, You Can Do It.” As a single mom over the age of 50, Lindy demonstrates that anyone can make a difference by building a better world for backyard birds. From hanging a simple bird feeder and providing a water source, to discovering how to transform your backyard into a complete eco-system that attracts birds, pollinators and other amazing creatures, you’ll learn alongside of Lindy on The Bird Mom.


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