MOM’S BEST – Yosager Deck Mount Bird Bath/Seed Bowl – Adjustable Clamp


This versatile and sturdy deck mount bird bath was actually my first bird feeder back in 2019. It was the item that introduced me to the wonderful world of wild birds right outside my kitchen window. I love this bird bath/feeder and recommend it often!

In terms of design, there are a couple of features that make it better than other, even more expensive competitive products. The first is the durable, adjustable clamp. It’s made of strong, weather-resistant black powder coated steel to prevent rust. It’s attached to the steel bowl ring in one solid piece.

What makes this bird bath a favorite is the heavy-duty polypropylene clay-colored bowl with a ridged lower lip that fits with a secure “click” into the supporting ring. When it gets windy (and it does here in New Jersey), the bowl doesn’t blow away. And when it’s full of bird and furry friend traffic at lunchtime, the bowl stays right in place.

I’ve read some reviews and seen reader photos where the bowl tips as the clamp isn’t secured to a level surface. Simply insert a wooden shim as you’re adjusting the clamp to solve that problem and bring your item level. If you’re using this for bird food, remember there are no drainage holes. You’ll need to clean out any wet or old food to prevent mold or spoilage.

My first bowl lasted about two years before I had to replace it. I couldn’t find a way to replace just the bowl, so I had to buy the whole unit again. I left the ring clamp up on the deck and it’s enthusiastically used as a bird perch.

This is one of my top choices for a bird bath, a bird bowl feeder, or a gift for a bird lover.



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