MOM’S BEST National Audubon Society 11-oz Berry Suet



I really like the addition of suet to my winter feeding menu. There are a wide range of no-melt formulas with a variety of high-energy ingredients that others rave about no matter the weather, but I limit my offerings to the cooler months right now.

Suet can be offered in a variety of feeders from the ultra-cheap cage design to the more expensive pileated or tail prop feeders that are specially designed to attract woodpeckers. You will find cage attachments on the sides of traditional feeders, metal cage feeders that hang with a chain, and double stacking designs that hold two cakes at a time. Companies now offer suet balls and suet chunks that fit into their own feeders as well.

I use several square cake suet brands in a variety of specialized feeders that attract my region’s species of nuthatches, chickadees, starlings, and gorgeous woodpeckers.

I absolutely love any feeder designed by JC’s Wildlife (recycled materials AND made in America). They offer some great suet feeders.

See the links below for a simple ($4.00) cage feeder and the link to the fancier JCs Wildlife feeders.

My birds like the National Audubon Society Berry Suet. At less than $1.50 a cake, it’s a great bargain to round out your feeding menu. The suet contains rendered fat, cracked corn and white millet. There are no berries (only berry flavoring) but the birds do gobble this up. Squirrels can also raid your suet, so be prepared (or buy more so everyone gets a seat at the table).

Size: One 11oz cake


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