MOM’S BEST – Meric Bird 2-Pocket Roosting Hut – Quick Shelter for Small Birds


When you think of “bird houses” you may envision the traditional little peaked roof structures with a center entry hole and perhaps a perch of some kind. While those models serve a very important purpose in terms of nesting and breeding, there are a huge range of other products that shelter and protect birds from the elements as well as predators.

Sometimes our feathered friends need a quick place to get out of a storm or to warm up nestled together on a snowy night. Roosting pockets are a terrific addition to your backyard sheltering options that help keep birds warm, dry and out of reach of hungry foes.

I discovered the Meric 2-Pocket Roosting Hut during our 2021 winter storm season that covered New Jersey in the deepest snow we’ve had in years. Right before a major storm, I tucked a few of these tightly woven grass fiber pockets into my tall evergreens. It took just a minute to loop the sturdy rope hanger onto a branch. My winter roosting pocket “camp” was set up in no time.

This hut is 7 inches high by 8 inches wide and contains 2 entry holes that are 1.6 inches by 2 inches. Its breathable material provides good drainage and ventilation.

The manufacturer suggests this pocket is ideal for small birds like sparrows, songbirds, goldfinches, chickadees, hummingbirds, and finches.



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