MOM’S BEST – Lyric Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food, 10 lbs.



The slender black nyjer seed (sometimes incorrectly referred to as thistle seed) does offer its challenges – and that’s where quality comes in to play as an important factor in your purchase decision. Nyjer’s oily content can lead it to spoil quickly, as can poor storage practices or exposure to moisture.

I have used Kaytee brand and Lyric brand nyjer seed products. Lyric is my top choice for this seed with Kaytee brand a close second. I prefer Lyric because of their commitment to sustainability and their stringent manufacturing processes including small batch production. Across the board, Lyric brand premium bird seed products are some of the best available on the market.

Getting the hang of offering nyjer seed requires patience. Buy a good quality nyjer or specialty finch feeder that is easy to clean and keeps seed as dry as possible. Fill your feeder half-way at first and wait for your finches and other small beaked birds to discover this delicious treat. Test different feeder spots if necessary. Believe me, the effort is worth the reward of the fabulous assortment of finches and other birds that will visit you in time. Promptly discard any old, clumped or moldy seeds. Nyjer offers a great way to feed birds with low waste residue. Squirrels are not fans of nyjer, either, which is another reason to give this seed a try.

All major brands of Nyjer are grown in tropical areas like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malawi and India. This makes nyjer a more expensive option than domestic seed varieties.



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