Kaytee® Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food, 5-20lbs



KAYTEE brand seeds are a reliable and widely available product found online and in retail stores. My local supermarket even stocks a wide selection of KAYTEE seeds! I have used this brand frequently, especially during the winter months when your feathered friends will most need this high-fat fuel.

I am a huge fan of black oil sunflower seeds. They provide a meal rich in essential fats and attract an incredible variety of birds to your feeding stations. Seeds can be offered in a wide range of feeders or even broadcast across a deck, patio or railing.

While the rewards of offering sunflower seed are substantial, so is the housekeeping. You’ll need to clean empty hulls frequently (and don’t compost them, either). Prepare to calmly surrender to the squirrels and chipmunks who will inevitably join in on the feast, despite your best squirrel-proof feeder strategies. Invite everyone to the table and watch nature at work – it’s amazing.



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