MOM’S BEST – Wagner’s Deluxe Safflower Seed Wild Bird Food, 5 lbs.



I wish someone had told me about safflower years ago! This is a great wild bird food if you want to reduce raids by squirrels and other marauding bird species. This small white seed produces little waste and is a favorite of cardinals, junkos, titmice, and grosbeaks. Perfect for a nice tube feeder or platform tray. Take your time and be patient when you set this seed outside in your feeders for the first time. It does take a little while for your birds to discover and become regular feeders of safflower.

I like both Wagner’s and Kaytee brand safflower seeds (both made in the USA). The Wagner’s brand has a slightly better price on Amazon and Chewy (especially if you establish an auto-ship subscription) so it’s my pick for our must-have category.


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