MOM’S BEST – Lyric Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food, 25 lbs.



If you’re looking for a premium-grade black oil sunflower seed to offer your feathered friends, then Lyric is your answer. I am a huge fan of all Lyric brand products due to their commitment to manufacturing excellence and sustainability. This is an exceptional seed for year-round feeding and provides birds with energy rich nutrition to thrive all season long. Plus, Lyric black oil sunflower seeds are grown entirely in the United States (their current grower is in South Dakota).

Remember that sunflowers come in striped and black varieties. The black oil seeds contain a higher level of fat and a thinner shell than striped seeds. These seeds are ideal for a wide variety of feeders; ground, platform, tube, pavilion and hoppers.

While there are several brands of black oil seeds that I use in my feeders (Kaytee, Audobon, Wagners), Lyric is the highest quality of the group. I haven’t cracked the mystery of why quite yet, but sunflower seeds always contain woody and plant-like debris in the bags. You’ll see that in all the brands I’ve listed, Lyric included.

Black oil sunflower seeds will attract a huge variety of birds to your yard (and furry critters, too). If you had to choose one seed to offer year round, this would be it. The hulls produce a lot of waste, so practice frequent housecleaning. Experts say to avoid composting hull seeds. Cleanup can be made easier with natural hull-digester products.


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